Make the most of your wine buying experience with a Langton's Broker. A complimentary and truly personalised service tailored to meet all your wine buying needs.

Our Wine Brokerage Service

Buying wine can be an all-consuming passion. Our experienced brokerage team can help you hand-pick the very best.

This free service gives you a true insider's edge: preferential offers of hard-to-find vintages at exclusive prices, privileged access to local and international wineries and the highly sought-after market in pre-release wines. Most valuable of all, you'll have an adviser with an intimate knowledge of the wine trade who can help you make astute decisions for your cellar and table.

More than an intermediary, your wine broker will get to know your likes and dislikes, transact and trade on your behalf and help you make exciting new discoveries. It's a service you can use at your discretion and at a time that suits your schedule.

Your personal wine broker is waiting. Make an appointment today.


Introducing our expert team of Brokers

  • Sam Olle - Wine Broker
  • Duncan Timmins - Wine Broker
  • Jake Lindesay - Wine Broker
  • Charles Dodgson - Wine Broker
  • Tim Mansour - Wine Broker
  • Michael Kerr - Wine Broker
  •  - Wine Broker
  • Michael Chavez - Wine Broker
  • Rob Scurry - Wine Broker
  • Jacob Parker - Wine Broker
  • Neli Naumovski - Wine Broker
  • Rebecca Deitch - Wine Broker
  • Anthony Woolcott - Wine Broker
  • Hugh Clark - Wine Broker
  • James - Wine Broker
  • Eugene Ooi - Wine Broker
  • Thomas Barrett - Wine Broker
  • Theo Maglis - Wine Broker