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James Halliday Awards 2019

Langton’s is Australia’s home of fine, rare, and hard-to-find wine. And now the reviews are in…
A high score or big win from Australia’s premier critic, James Halliday, can turn wines and winemakers into stars overnight.


History shows that once anointed by Halliday, a wine’s value – and its rarity – will often soar. Get access below to a huge selection of 2019 winners. These are some of the finest wines made in Australia. Ever.



Who is James Halliday?

James Halliday is Australia's best known and most respected wine critic. A successful vigneron in his own right, he co-founded both Brokenwood in the Lower Hunter Valley region and Coldstream Hills in the Yarra Valley. He began writing in 1979 and since then has been instrumental in building the domestic and international reputation of Australian wine...


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Halliday Awards News

Winemaker of the Year

Winemaker of the Year

This year marks her 30th at the helm of the venerable Margaret River winery…

Who is James Halliday?

Who is James Halliday?

James Halliday is Australia’s undisputed ‘Mr Wine’. Nobody else comes close...

Jim Barry Wines - Halliday Winery of the Year

Jim Barry Wines

The Halliday Winery of the year - the Florita Vineyard that links three generations of the Barry family.

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