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Italy is, right now, the world’s most exciting wine producing country. From the global stars of the Super Tuscans, Barolo, Barbaresco, and Brunello to a host of regions, varieties and styles that vary from traditional to the cutting edge, the Italian wine journey is one of a lifetime. That journey starts here!



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This free service gives you a true insider's edge. Your personal wine broker can offer hard-to-find vintages at exclusive prices, privileged access to local and international wineries and highly sought-after pre-release wines.


Discover the Wines of Piedmont

The noble grape of this Northern Italian region is Nebbiolo and is the king of wines as Barolo and the queen as Barbaresco. But there’s so much more wine to be discovered in this gastronomic wonderland.



Italian Indulgence

As an ardent enthusiast, you could dedicate the entire length of your wine journey to Italy alone, such is the variety and quality on offer. From north to south there are totemic, world-class wines and hidden gems to be found by the score.



This Is How We Do It

If wine plays a part of your luxury lifestyle, then Langtons Events should be in your calendar. These special events bring wine to life in new ways. The places are few and tickets are snapped up within days of release. Don’t miss out on our next wine adventure.

Trending & News

Top Six Barolo Crus - Part 1

Top Six Barolo Crus - Part 1

We set our own Master of Wine, Ned Goodwin, the tough task of highlighting the Top Six Barolo Crus.

Giodo: Heart and soul Brunello

Giodo: Heart and soul Brunello

Master winemaker and pioneer of the Super-Tuscan movement, Carlo Ferrini pours heart and soul into his brilliant Giodo wines.

New Barolo from Roberto Voerzio

Barolo from Roberto Voerzio

Jesper Kjaersgaard writes about the Barolo of Roberto Voerzio, a Piedmont winery he knows and has come to love.


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