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Bassermann-Jordan Grand Cru dry German Riesling


The best wines in Germany under the VDP system of classification are known simply as GGs or Grosses Gëwachs (Great Growths). From the vineyards in the Pfalz region, Bassermann-Jordan produces Grand Cru dry German Riesling of the highest quality. Explore our portfolio now >


Winemaker Uli Mell

Winemaker Uli Mell

VDP – terroir-driven viticulture
The VDP is an innovate group of high-end producers. Looking forward to modern tastes and outward to the international market, they gave their Grand Cru the shortest of classification names, GG. While VDP is more of a mouthful, it stands for Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter or the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates. Bassermann-Jordan was a founding member of this group in 1910.

Like many contemporary quality and terroir-focused groups, VDP draws inspiration from viticultural philosophy in Burgundy, if not the actual winemaking practices themselves.



' elite group of some 200 quality-oriented German vintners who are committed to terroir-driven viticulture at the highest level.'


Bassermann-Jordan vineyards

Winemaking in the Pfalz
Lying just north of the French border, the terroir of the Pfalz region has more in common Alsace than it does with some neighbours in Germany. The Vosges Mountains in northern France become the Haardt Mountains in the Pfalz. In an area known as Mittlehaardt, the towns of Deidesheim and Forst are the focal points of quality grape growing.


Bassermann-Jordan’s vineayards include some of the most notable winegrowing sites in the Pfalz. Covering more than 49 ha, their vineyard locations in Forst, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg include 20 different single vineyard sites. A third of these vineyards are classified Grand Cru such as Hohenmorgen, Pechstein, and Jesuitengarten. These vineyards are organically farmed and winemaker Ulrich Mell focuses on spontaneous fermentation without artificial additives prior to lees ageing.


Barrels at Bassermann-Jordan

Barrels at Bassermann-Jordan

A brief history
In 1718, Pierre Jordan purchased the family's first vineyards in Pfalz. 65 years later, Johann-Peter Jordan built the winery in Deidesheim. Quality is a Jordan family tradition. Around 1800, Andreas Jordan was a part of the avant-garde of growers changed the face of viticulture in the Pfalz by planting single varieties by the vineyard. He was also one of the first winemakers to vinify each vineyard separately. Later, in 1883, marriage between the Bassermann and Jordan families. Today, the estate is owned by the Niederberger family who took ownership after the remaining Bassermann-Jordan heirs resolved to sell. Since 2002, winemaker Ulrich Mell has been committed to honouring the Bassermann-Jordan pursuit of quality in the Pfalz.

"Bassermann-Jordan has long been one of my favourite German wine estates. I simply never tire of their wines.”
- Ian D’Agata, Vinous

The Bassermann-Jordan range is capped by the gold-topped GGs from Deidesheim and Forst. They also make more accessible German Riesling that is mostly dry but also some with a little sweetness. Discover the wines of Bassermann-Jordan now.

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