Bleasdale's Paul Hotker — Winemaker of the Year

Langhorne Creek is a paradox.

It’s one of Australia’s oldest wine regions – yet hardly anyone outside the wine industry has even heard of it.

‘It’s not front of mind’, says Paul Hotker, James Halliday’s 2018 Winemaker of the Year. ‘It doesn’t have much of a presence in the Australian wine landscape, but it’s a really old region, and it’s an under-rated region’.

Hotker has drawn a new, higher level of attention to Bleasdale, Langhorne Creek’s founding (1850) winemaker, with a string of multi-award-winning wines.

‘If it’s easy, we usually get better outcomes.
I try to keep operations very simple. Less is more.'
— Paul Hotker, Bleasdale Chief Winemaker.

Like all the best winemakers, he is driven to make each new wine better than the one before, whatever the vagaries of vintage.

‘I take a very practical view’, he said. ‘If it’s easy, we usually get better outcomes. I try to keep operations very simple. Less is more. I just try to capture the fruit that’s there’.

Another paradox is that Langhorne Creek is thought of as being isolated, yet it’s as close to Adelaide as McLaren Vale.

The difference is it’s a large, sparsely-populated area – a small, close-knit country community that’s more interested in cricket and football than seeking the limelight, especially when all the grapes grown, and all the wine made, seems to get sold each year without much trouble.

Paul Hotker

At Bleasdale, says Hotker… ‘things are coming together pretty well… we’re starting to hit our straps… but I think the best is yet to come’.

Bleasdale, established 1850, is the founding winery in Langhorne Creek. Discover the history, the pedigree and the wines that have made Paul Hotker the Winemaker of the Year 2018.

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