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Burgundy Icon Becky Wasserman


Langton’s Head of International Buying Jesper Kjaersgaard remembers Burgundy icon Becky Wasserman.


It was with great sadness that I received the news on Saturday that Becky Wasserman had passed away. Langton’s is Becky Wasserman’s official partner in Australia and it is through her relationships with Burgundy producers that we source most of our Burgundian portfolio. 

Becky was an absolute trailblazer in the industry. As a young newlywed American, she moved to Beaune and started supplying oak barrels back to the US. She soon formed many great relationships with the growers in Burgundy and started selling their wines on her trips back to the US.


‘Becky was an absolute trailblazer in the industry.’


There is little doubt of the massive impact Becky has had on the spread of Burgundy wines in the English speaking world and I know of many Australian winemakers who held her in high regard. For many, it was seen as a pilgrimage to make their way to the old stone house in the forest in Bouilland, some 20kms north of Beaune. All to listen to Becky share her wealth of knowledge and passion all whilst drinking wonderful bottles of Burgundy paired with Russell’s —Becky’s husband—wonderful food. I count myself lucky to have been welcomed to a place at their table, and it remains to date one of my greatest vinous lunches of all time. Becky’s passion and love was infectious. She always had room and time for anyone who came across her path. 

At Langton’s, we are deeply saddened by Becky’s passing and we will do our best continuing to spread her joy and passion for Burgundy. 


Jesper Kjaersgaard with Becky Wasserman

Jesper Kjaersgaard with Becky Wasserman and her husband, Russell Hone

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