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Langton’s Head of International Buying, Jesper Kjaersgaard shares what he discovered when he visited Nicolas Rossignol in Volnay during his buying trip to Burgundy...

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Nicolas Rossignol has been on a journey. Never a man to shy away from change, he has now arrived at a philosophy in his winemaking that focuses on expressing fruit as well as a sense of place. The very flamboyant and charismatic Nicolas has amassed 20ha of vineyards, all the more philosophy to go around.

In his impressive, newly built cellars on the outskirts of Beaune, Nicolas Rossignol – very much a man of Volnay – produces some of the cleanest and purest wines in Burgundy. On my recent visit to the winery, Nicolas told me the reason behind leaving the old family cellars. “If your wines taste and smell of your cellar, can you really call them pure?” In his quest for purity, Nicolas is pulling out all the tricks in the book. He has installed big fans in his new winery that allows him to chill and control the winery temperature instead of chilling the fruit directly, in order - you guessed it - to achieve purity.

“If your wines taste and smell of your cellar, can you really call them pure?”

Nicolas Rossignol

In the cellar with Nicolas himself

In the cellar with Nicolas himself.

In previous Burgundy releases, I have touched on the challenges of the 2016 vintage and so was the case for Rossignol. His entire production was down 85% and there were certain vineyards were he lost the full crop. As Nicolas says, “I now understand why my father and grandfather tried to make me understand the importance of holding back a bit of stock from each vintage as an insurance.’


In the vineyard, Nicolas uses Biodynamic Practices but he’s not certified nor dogmatic. As with his winemaking, he does what he sees best for the vineyard and the fruit and doesn’t follow any particular rules.


These wines are in my opinion, perfect for the Australian palate. They are pure with excellent clean fruit and the offer an immediate reward for the drinker. It is very hard not to fall in love with these wines and any lover of Pinot Noir will fall in love with Nicolas Rossignol’s wines. Call your broker today to discuss the ever so appealing qualities of these wines.


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