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Veneto is one of Italy’s most important wine regions, responsible for producing a dazzling array of wine styles from sparkling Prosecco and crisp dry Soave, to rich complex Amarone.

Located in the north-east of Italy bordering the Adriatic coast, Veneto has a vineyard area of 76,600 ha. Slightly smaller in area than many of Italy’s key regions, Veneto nevertheless generates significantly more wine than either Tuscany or Piedmont.

Veneto has two distinct climatic zones; the cooler mountains to the north which have a strongly continental influence and the warm maritime Adriatic in the south.

In the north-eastern part of the region, fresh crisp lively sparkling Prosecco styles reign, produced predominantly from the Glera grape. The vast majority of sparkling Prosecco is produced by Charmat method with the second fermentation taking place in tank, although smaller quantities of premium Traditional Method Prosecco are also made.

East of Lake Garda and north of Verona is the region of Valpolicella. Renowned for generating vast volumes of inexpensive red wine from a blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara grapes, Valpolicella is also capable of producing more premium Ripasso styles and exquisite ultra-fine wines from artisanal producers such as Quintarelli.Valpolicella is also home to delectable sweet red Recioto styles and famous intense age-worthy Amarone styles.

Due east of Valpolicella, the region of Soave produces crisp dry whites and even sweet recioto styles from Garganega and Trebbiano. Modern protective winemaking has revolutionized the region, contributing to a renaissance in quality of production.

Further south, on the hill sides of central Veneto, crisp dry styles of quality Pinot Grigio and Veneto’s own Tocai Friuliano dominate. International varieties are also very successful, including Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir) and even Carmenere.

With a dazzling array of wine styles to choose from, Veneto has something to offer every wine lover. Want to know more? Discover Langton’s range of Veneto wines today.

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