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James Halliday’s Burgundy Vintage Report

James Halliday’s Burgundy Vintage Report

To coincide with the James Halliday Collection auctions series, James has provided vintage reports for Burgundy from 1988 to 2015. Access the James Halliday Collection Auction.

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Vintage 2015
Spring rains offset the hot, dry summer, resulting in lush and ripe yet balanced reds at all levels (WS)
The year provided some of the most beautiful grapes seen at DRC, the north wind arriving mid-August with dry, warm to hot weather that meant 2015 was a rather easy one for the vigneron. Yields ranged between 1.5 to 1.9 tonnes per acre. The colours are dark, the flavours opulent and rich, the fermentation completed in barrel with no trace of over-maturity (as in 2003). (DRC)

Vintage 2014
Juicy cherry and berry flavours, with freshness and tension; lower alcohol. The best have added depth and energy (WS)
A vintage with utterly perfect weather and flowering until June 28, then a wet and cold summer, veraison taking all August to complete. September brought a phenomenon seen only a few times in a century, thick skins making the grapes resistant to any disease. Harvest from 16th to 26th September with wines of deep colour, the acidity, tannins and fruit perfectly balanced. (DRC)

Vintage 2013
Low yields resulted in crisp, light-bodied Pinot Noirs with vibrant acidity and ripe fruit flavours (WS)
A very late vintage from 7th to 12th October despite only 1 to 1.5 tonnes per acre. Poor set and ruthless sorting ended up with wines of dark colour, fine aromas, in the mouth supple tannins and good acidity, the best balanced of recent vintages. (DRC)

Vintage 2012
Dense, concentrated reds, with pure fruit, elegance and freshness; the best should age very well (WS)
Very low yield due to ever-changing growing conditions and extreme vigilance in vineyard, and scrupulous sorting. (DRC)

Vintage 2011
Elegant, perfumed wines, with vibrant acidity, pure fruit and juicy textures for near- to medium-term enjoyment (WS)

No rain fell during harvest 6/9 to 11/9. Meticulous sorting in the vineyard and a new vibrating sorting table rejected 30% of the crop (DRC)

‘I agree with this description. Overlooked after ’09 and ’10 ’
James Halliday
James Halliday 2010 Cork

Vintage 2010
Ripe fruit and tannins, with vivid acidity; vibrant, charming reds with balance and focus (WS)

A return to the high acid norm after 2009, yields up to a third lower than normal (JR)

‘I believe this vintage is at the very least as good as 2009, wines of beauty and balance.’
James Halliday

Vintage 2009
Charming and fluid, with ripe, pure fruit; some wines soft, overripe, for early drinking (WS)
The grapes that passed by on the sorting table are among the most beautiful we have ever seen (DRC)

‘Great vintage across Cotes de Nuits, its zenith in DRC’
James Halliday

Vintage 2008
Late harvest and small crop due to dehydration, botrytis; strict sorting necessary for vibrant reds with flesh and concentration (WS)
Shows fat, breeding and fruit. Great cellaring potential (DRC)

Vintage 2007
Meticulous sorting produced very good grapes; fruity, vivid, elegant reds for early to mid-term drinking (WS)
Harmonious in the mouth (DRC)

Vintage 2006
A surprise; charming, fruity reds, with ripeness and balance. The best will age (WS)
Pure, balanced and harmonious. Abundant fruit in the mouth with floral and spicy notes (DRC)

Vintage 2005
Ripe and dense, yet pure and balanced, with plenty of structure. A sensational vintage with longevity; ranks among the best since 1978 (WS)

‘The nose is long and full. Length in the mouth as well. A wonderful vintage - every DRC tasted is sumptuous, with superb balance and length.’
James Halliday

Vintage 2004
The best wines are elegant, pure and balanced, despite difficult growing conditions (WS)
Dark ruby colour. The nose is spicy and heady. The mouth is vigorous, rich with various spices. Tannins are supple. Seductive opening. (DRC)

Vintage 2003
Exotic, ripe and concentrated; the best are destined to be classics (WS)
Dark and deep colour. The nose is ample and generous with touches of game. In the mouth the wine is soft and seductive. (DRC)

Vintage 2002
Fresh, balanced and elegant. Successful from top to bottom; regional wines offer value (WS)
Powerful but pure on the nose. In the mouth, the wine is dense, still reserved, but could be drunk without waiting thanks to the intensity of fruit. (DRC)

‘A favourite vintage, the balance between structure and fruit is perfect, and the wines have fabulous length.’
James Halliday

Vintage 2001
Lean, structured reds, yet ripe and potentially long-lived (WS)
Beautiful dark colour. It already expresses itself generously on the nose. In the mouth it is powerful, rich and almost unctuous. Perhaps the best Echezeaux in recent years. (DRC)

Vintage 2000
Top wines are ripe, soft and seductive; many lack structure (WS)
Dark colour, explosive nose, generous black cherry fruit. Length and smoothness. (DRC)

Vintage 1999
Top-tier domaines offer juicy, rich and vibrant Pinots (WS)
Exceptional quality and quantity. Powerful, charming, well balanced. (JR)
So pure that the wine, although thick, seems transparent. (DRC)

‘ A gloriously rich and powerful vintage for your grandchildren.’
James Halliday

Vintage 1998
Uneven due to frost, hail and rot; the best are ripe, dense and tannic (WS)
Powerful, wild and intense nose, blackcurrant/spice in the compact mouth. Requires patience. (DRC)

‘Strong, glossy fruit bouquet, dry tannins softened somewhat in the glass.’
James Halliday
(La Tache tasting note Oct 2002)

Vintage 1997
A warm year resulted in ripe, round Pinots low in natural acidity (WS)
Not a year of power, but delicacy of aroma, finesse of fruit, purity of expression - all typical of the Domaine. (DRC)

‘ Strong colour, great fragrance, pure black cherry, stemmy - will come into balance.’
James Halliday
(Tasting note Aug 2003)

Vintage 1996
Impressively vibrant and balanced, high in acidity, with focused berry flavours and ripe tannins (WS)
Deep colour; wines from berries with thick skins from the north wind that blew all summer. (DRC)

‘Outstanding spice and complexity. A wine of infinite elegance.’
James Halliday
(Richebourg tasting note Aug 2003)

Vintage 1995
Grands-Echezeaux. Fragrant, with very good fruit with some depth. Relatively light style. Late pickers fared best. (DRC)

Vintage 1994
Grands-Echezeaux. Growing conditions ideal until late rain. Sun returned on 20th September favouring late pickers. Rich, spicy, sweet. Good fruit length. A mid-term wine. (DRC)

Vintage 1993
Grands-Echezeaux. On the whole a very good vintage. Fragrant, flowery nose. Sweet, rich, flavoury. (DRC)

Vintage 1992
Grands-Echezeaux. From a high-yielding vintage. One of my most liked 1992's - its bouquet opening up deliciously and holding well. Sweet, lean but easy on the palate. Tasted Nov 2003. (DRC)

Vintage 1991
Grands-Echezeaux. Difficult growing conditions apart from the extraordinary DRCs. Showing well at the opening tasting. Not too tannic. (DRC)

Vintage 1988
A great vintage, second only to 1985. Grands-Echezeaux - another beautiful (wine), packed with flavour. (DRC)

DRC Domaine de la Romanée-Conti
JR Jancis Robinson MW
WS Wine Spectator

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