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Langton's Wine Broker — Eugene Ooi


Langton’s sat down with a member of our Wine Brokerage team, Eugene Ooi.

As a Wine Broker, Eugene brings energy and positivity to the team, as well as his impressive linguistic skills. Holding fluency in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay, his ability to support Langton’s growing and increasingly diverse client base is a distinct advantage. Eugene has been a hit with his clients since joining the Langton's Wine Brokerage team. To get to know Eugene a little better, we asked him about wine, the Brokerage and his ambitions.


You studied Mechanical Engineering. Why move into a career in wine?

I have always been intrigued by wine. Even though I enjoy a good beer, the world of wine has always been alluring. I love to learn and discover, wine offers an infinite opportunity to do that and it’s fun. I’m enjoying the challenge of exploring the huge range of Australian wines, tasting as many as I can and sharing that knowledge with fellow wine lovers — both my clients and my colleagues.

Langton’s Wine Brokerage, what does it mean to you?

First and foremost the Brokerage is a service. Getting well-priced, quality wines to my clients that suit their palates and their preference. I'm proud to have been in sales for 10 years and I take pride in providing good service and value to my clients.


Langton's Broker Eugene Ooi with Wine Companion's James Halliday

Langton's Broker Eugene Ooi with Wine Companion's James Halliday

Do you have desert island wine?

Hmm? Red or white? If it's a white, it'll either be a Burgundy, maybe a Chablis, or an off-dry German Riesling. If it’s red, it will be a Grenache forward McLaren Vale red blend or a Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Can I have both?

The most satisfying part of being Wine Broker?

Some of my clients have particular demands when it comes to wine. When a very discerning client is happy with a wine I’ve recommended or when my clients give positive feedback on the wine I’ve selected for them selected and service I’ve given, that gives me great personal and professional satisfaction.

Also, as Wine Brokers, we taste and discuss wines regularly. I love sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained from winemakers, colleagues and through my own experience.

What’s your most memorable wine moment?

When I tried my first wine, and it was corked! I drank half the bottle thinking that's how aged wine was and I was convinced I would only drink younger wines. Since then, and especially since joining Langton’s, I’ve tasted some incredible aged wines… none have been corked.

However, when I opened a bottle of Clarendon Hills I was convinced that McLaren Vale was going to be my favourite region in Australia.

As a wine lover, what is your wine ambition? What would you like to achieve?

I would love to have my own walk-in-cellar. Filled with exotic wines from around the world, a real collector’s collection. Maybe become a wine guru one day and be a go-to font of knowledge for all things wine? Who knows ;)

If you’d like to talk to Eugene about how he and the Langton’s Wine Brokerage service can help you book an appointment here.

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