Pinot Noir - The power and the beauty

What is it about Pinot Noir?

Of all the red grape varieties, Pinot Noir can be the most exhilarating but paradoxically it is also the least consistent in terms of quality.  A poorly made Pinot Noir will be a very unpleasant glass of wine, yet a fine example will have wine lovers desperately trying to track down another elusive bottle.

With its pale colour, enticing perfume, light body, fresh acidity and fine tannins, Pinot Noir is a refreshing alternative to rich full bodied Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon.  Light, fresh and generally lower in alcohol than many red wines, its food friendly nature and versatility makes it a popular choice for wine lists.

Pinot Noir is also highly expressive of its vineyard site, exhibiting a completely different aroma and flavour profile from even adjoining vineyard sites. This quality is at its most evident in Burgundy, France. There, the narrow patchwork quilt of vineyards is divided into tiny communes, each expressing a specific aroma and flavour profile unique to that site. From the simple delicacy of Volnay to the utterly beguiling wines of Vosne-Romanee,   the spectrum of Pinot Noir’s stylistic expression within Burgundy is truly astounding.

A difficult grape to grow and to make into wine, Pinot Noir’s capricious nature and exclusive affinity for cool-climate sites, has meant  it has only found success within a limited range of cool climate regions.

Up until 1950 there was very little Pinot Noir planted beyond the borders of Burgundy. Fast-forward 60 + years and Pinot Noir can be found from Oregon to Central Otago, Chile’s Casablanca to Australia’s Yarra Valley.

In the past 15 years, New Zealand in particular has made enormous strides and is now home to iconic wines such as Ata Rangi Pinot Noir from Martinborough and Felton Road Block 5 from Central Otago.

Here in Australia the quest to grow and make fine Pinot Noir has also given rise to some beautiful wines, from the likes of Bass Phillip, Bindi By Farr, Main Ridge, Maritime Estate, Oakridge, Toolangi,  Yabby Lake and many more.

Many wine drinkers ‘discover’ Pinot Noir many years after they start their initial wine journey. For many, it begins with one glass. A glass of wine that initially entices and enchants-  and then ultimately enthrals. Such is the power and the beauty of Pinot Noir.

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