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When cellar space diminishes or tastes change, you may need to make room for new wines. Selling your wine through Langton’s auction services could be the right option for you.


Sell your wines with Langton’s
They say that if you love someone, you should set them free. It’s a grand sentiment, and one that could very well apply to your wine collection. Cellar space diminishes, tastes change, you may even need to make room for something brand new (did somebody say En Primeur?). In any of these cases, selling your wine or spirits through Langton’s auction services could be the right option for you.


What can I sell?
The Langton’s Classification is the benchmark that sets Australia’s finest wines apart. These are cult wines with status and desirability. With such factors comes demand. Be it Exceptional, Outstanding or Excellent, this distinction will generally assure an extraordinary performance on the secondary market. Classified wines have been known to sell for three to four times their original release price at auction with nary a lick of age on. Take a look at the Langton’s Classification to find out if you have one of these desirable bottles in your cellar.


Ever experienced the thrill of opening a red from your birth year to see if it’s aged as well as you? Your unwanted bottle of 1979 Grange could make someone’s fortieth birthday celebration that much more memorable. With every year that passes, so-called ‘Birth Year Wines’ see a jump in value. In 2019, we’ve seen 1969 Penfolds Grange jump from $600 to $734 per bottle. If you are looking to sell your big name bottles from turn-of-the-decade vintages (1960 and 1970, all the way up to 2010), the next 12 months are the ideal time to do it.


It might surprise you to know that our auction hawks aren’t just after Grand Cru Burgundy or aged Barossa Shiraz. In the past several years, we’ve seen increased demand for spirits, with final bids frequently surpassing expectations. Case in point? The Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Limited Edition Single Malt. Like its namesake, this particular Whisky’s rise has been somewhat unexpected. Retailing at around the $80 mark on release in 2010, a 2019 auction saw it jump (or should we say fly?) to $601 at one of our Spirit-focused auctions. Do you have your very own phoenix that could rise majestically from the ashes of cellar obscurity?


And don’t discount those curiosities lurking at the back of your liquor cabinet—one man’s commemorative bottle of 1979 Wolf Blass Prince Charles & Lady Diana Port is another man’s treasure, after all.


Why should I sell my wine through Langton’s?
Langton’s are pioneers in the Australian fine wine auction market. Since 1988, we have provided auctioneering services to lovers of the good stuff, both locally and abroad. Every year, over 900,000 bottles are made ripe for the bidding through our auction platform. Suffice to say, your wines are in capable hands when you choose to sell them with us.


We make the most of every bottle that comes through our warehouse door, offering free cellar appraisals from our in-house experts to our sellers. We’ll also collect your items, keeping them safe and sound in the meticulously controlled Langton’s cellar until they find a new home amongst our captive network of fine wine enthusiasts (just like yourself!). And the bottom line? We don’t charge a cent until your wine finds its new owner, upon which a competitive seller’s commission of 13.75% is applied.


We’ve been accruing wine wisdom, secondary market knowledge and expertise for over thirty years now. Just think about that age on a bottle of Lafite—it’s not to be sneezed at. We know ‘what works’ when it comes to getting results for our vendors, carefully curating auction events to ensure the right people are seeing what you have to sell. From hard-to-find single bottles to astonishing full cellars, we’re enthusiastic about getting the best results possible. And that’s where you come in.


So pour a glass of your current favourite. Have a good ponder on what you’ve acquired in the past, and why. Chances are, someone else will be having just that same train of thought you did at this very moment. And with that? A bottle that may no longer be the perfect fit for you will round out another fine wine lover’s cellar.


Get in touch today for a free appraisal. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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