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Teen Rescue Foundation Auction 2022 - Breaking Records

Langton’s caught up with Tyson Stelzer to talk about the work he’s doing via Teen Rescue Foundation, the 2022 Charity Auction and why location matters when experiencing wine.

View the Teen Rescue Foundation Auction 2022 here.


Teen Rescue Foundation Auction 2022 Highlights
Experience - A short journey into the unique world of Champagne Deutz
For 4 people - valued at €1,300
Includes a tour of the iconic house and the winery, Champagne tasting, food and Champagne pairings.

Experience - Icons of Yalumba Tasting Experience - Barossa
For 2 people
This experience for 2 will take you on a journey into the history and provenance of Australia’s oldest family owned winery. It includes a progressive, rare & fine tasting experience throughout the Yalumba Estate, private tour through the Family Tasting Room, Yalumba Cooperage, Signature Cellar and Tanks, barrel tasting – with a chance to syphon your wine direct from the barrel. Get a rare insight exclusive into the Hill-Smith family’s private comprehensive wine collection, and upon your return, enjoy a tutored vertical tasting of Yalumba’s Icon wine The Caley and a private lunch in The Caley Hut.
Icons of Yalumba Tasting Experience

Icons of Yalumba Tasting Experience

Champagne Deutz Amour de Deutz - Jeroboam
2009 - 95 points, Antonio Galloni
The 2009 Brut Millésimé Amour de Deutz is laced with white flowers, mint, white pepper and citrus peel, all of which give it terrific brightness and energy to play off the natural radiance of the year. Medium in body and aromatically deep, the 2009 has enough verve to develop nicely in bottle for many years to come. Overall, this is a relatively airy, understated Champagne for a year that generally produced more overt wines. 

Henschke Wines Mount Edelstone Shiraz - Magnum
2008 - 95 points, James Halliday
Good, strong colour; the cooler climate of the Eden Valley was a godsend in ‘088, the old vines also doing their share in producing a Mount Edelstone to stand tall with its layers of fruit, nuances of spice and licorice, and excellent ripe tannins.

Tahbilk Wines Tahbilk 1860 Vines Shiraz - Magnum
The exquisite 1860 Vines Shiraz derives from rare, pre-phylloxera vines planted in 1860 on a small half-hectare patch of sandy soils on the Tahbilk estate. They are among the oldest, continually-producing Shiraz vines in the world. A severe, once-in-a-century frost in 2006 halved the number of these sesquicentennial vines. Although production is much reduced, the wine still represents an important connection with Victoria's 19th-century wine heritage.


Now in its third year, the Teen Rescue Foundation Auction aims to raise funds to actively discourage and reduce harmful alcohol use and its consequences among under-age teens. It’s a logical fit for Tyson who has become the face of Champagne in Australia with his Champagne Guide, Taste Champagne event series and host of other events. He appreciates wines but is also the father of two young boys, and like so many parents has concerns about how to navigate the concerns of teen alcohol abuse.

Tyson’s inspiration for the Teen Rescue Foundation may surprise you and that’s where our catchup began.


What was your inspiration in founding the Teen Rescue Foundation?
I was a highschool teacher once upon a time. I used to have teenagers come to my office on a Monday morning and they were quite concerned about what was going on at the weekends and they’d tell stories about kids passing out, being rushed to hospital, and not knowing what to do. So we rallied around and supported them with some education sessions for all the senior students at the school I was working at on the Gold Coast and I wrote some resources for their parents to help them.

Moving out of teaching into full time wine writing since 2006, I recognised that there was some work that could be better supported for those working on the front line like Red Frogs who send thousands of volunteers out into schoolies week, O weeks, sporting events, music festivals and education in schools. They’re really getting into those places where the kids are vulnerable.
Private vineyard tour, sparkling tasting and three course lunch with matching wines at Printhie Dining

Private vineyard tour, sparkling tasting and three course lunch with matching wines at Printhie Dining


The result of that and other initiatives is that teen alcohol abuse in Australia has turned around from alarming levels. It is, of course, still present but I thought it would be great if we could resource the organisations. To better empower their volunteers. And it multiplies significantly. If they can put more trainers on then they get a lot more volunteer capacity through that so the money goes a long way. And all of the money raised from the auctions goes toward the charities we support. We have no staff and our only costs are banking fees and insurance so it gives us a chance to get those funds to where they make a difference.


‘...the auction which has really given us the chance to grow even more.’


How has the Teen Rescue Foundation developed in the years since it was founded?
Our fundraising started with Drew Tuckwell (Printhie Wines, Orange), a keen amatuer cyclist, wanting to organise a charity cycle to raise money. Since then, we’ve moved onto the auction and it has given us the chance to grow even more. We’re getting great support from wineries across Australia, and we’re also getting support thanks to my network from Champagne houses too.
Where do you see Teen Rescue Foundation in the future?
At the moment we’re supporting Red Frogs and Scripture Union and I’d like to grow our capacity to support more organisations. There are other volunteer groups working out of many different parts of Australia and by growing our capacity to fundraise it gives us the ability to inject more funds into different locations geographically. Red Frogs do work nationally and we are supporting them in every state but there is more we could do.
‘...I'm encouraged by the change we’re seeing in drinking behaviours of young Australians.’


As with all of these social challenges, there’s always more we can do and never a limit as to how much we can support, but I'm encouraged by the change we’re seeing in the drinking behaviours of young Australians. Ultimately, the statistics show us that there is a responsible attitude to alcohol in the teen year that carries through to adulthood.


There is an impressive selection of lots for the auction. Can you talk about the support you get in the industry for the work Teen Rescue Foundation does?
I’m quite moved by the support that we do get. As you know, winemakers are not people that want to encourage irresponsible drinking and most are family, mums and dad, parents and grandparents themselves and want to see a positive culture around. In Australia, we don’t necessarily have an easy mechanism for them to find a way to support that. And wineries love to support by donating their products, of course, and in some cases experiences like tasting, dinners or accommodation. And so this provides a great mechanism for all of that philanthropy to come together once a year.
‘...provenance is everything.’


We’re seeing people like Henschke donating large format back vintage of some of their top reds. And, the same from great estates like Torbreck. And to see some of the great Champagnes in large formats going right back to the 1962 vintage. The other thing that I keep stressing about this auction is that when it comes to large formats, provenance is everything, as I know you understand at Langton’s better than anyone. This year, all of the lots in the auction come directly from wineries. Even the 1962 magnum of Champagne, so for anyone who has a 60th birthday coming up, I’m sure they’ll be excited about that. That magnum has laid in that cellar for 60 year and is being air freighted here for the Teen Rescue Foundation Auction.

It’s great to be able to offer these mature vintage, large format wines that aren’t readily available in the market. We’re really grateful for the generosity of wineries for digging deep into their cellars for this cause.


‘...all of the funds raised go to the Teen Rescue Foundation.’


It’s not just grand old houses, there are some up and comers in the auction too.
I love the variety in this auction. Of course, we’re grateful to those old pedigreed houses. Last year Champagne Deutz donated a Jeroboam of Amour de Deutz. But we’re seeing more emerging producers in the auction, we’re seeing more expensive wines, more affordable wines, so there’s something in the auction for everyone.
And the great thing is, that regardless of what you pay for it, I don’t take a seller's commission (as all my work with the foundation is voluntary), Langton’s kindly donates all of their buyers’ premiums and the wineries don’t take a share. So all of your bids, and all of the funds raised go to the Teen Rescue Foundation.


Does getting out there and experiencing wine in new settings can change your appreciation?


It’s never been more pronounced than it is right now in our Post COVID age where we’re getting the chance to travel again and visit wineries. On the other side, whether it's in France or Australia, there is such a renewed joy in the wineries at receiving visitors once again because this is what they love to do and they haven’t had the chance in some cases for two years. We’re grateful to wineries for offering private and exclusive experiences as part of what we’re offering as part of our auction.
‘please, offer that again next year!’


Destinations like Chapel Hill, which is very special, and many others and they really look after their guests because they know they’re supporting a good cause. It’s an opportunity to experience something over and above what you normally might get. None more so than the house of Champagne Deutz. Last year one of our flagship lots was an opportunity to visit the house in person and have a private tour and tasting experience with the team there. This is not a house that is open to the public and it was so popular last year, in fact, that some of our bidders contacted me to say that they had really enjoyed bidding on that experience. Obviously only one group was able to win and those who didn’t said, ‘please, offer that again next year!’ I’m delighted to say that Champagne Deutz has returned this year to offer this experience again.
What are your ambitions for the auctions this year?


I’m always amazed by the generosity of the wineries. And by the generosity of bidders who want to support this cause. In this first year of the auctions, bidders raised $20K and in the second, they achieved $38k. And these were during COVID when it was difficult for wineries to donate and a time of uncertainty for bidders but they were still able to support us. I think we can, with the lots we have, reach $50k in this auction to support teenagers on the ground.

View the Teen Rescue Foundation Auction 2022 here.

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